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Welcome aboard the Polaris

Polaris Expéditions is the fruit of our passion for Polar Regions and our wish to share them under the best possible conditions and while respecting Nature.


Our many trips in these areas have led us to discover the two essential factors for a successful polar cruise: a small group of people, and a nice and comfortable ship. It is quite difficult to find a cruise offer that includes both when it comes to these remote areas where most cruises are done by icebreakers/liners (comfortable, but with 100 to 500 passengers) or by sailing yachts (small groups, but not very comfortable and there is no privacy). Countless people wishing to enjoy a trip to the polar regions are thereby unable to find the perfect trip on a comfortable, nice and welcoming ship, in a small group and yet with some privacy.


Our purpose is to fulfill that specific need. We provide completely original and unprecedented cruises aboard Polaris 1, a 34-meters vessel that provides all the amenities and the safety we’ve come to expect from larger ships, but for a small group of 12 lucky guests. The only road to the Polar Regions and to explore their wonders is the maritime road. The small-sized Polaris 1 can take her guests to the discovery of even the remotest places where no big cruise ships has ever gone. The limited number of people aboard is the best way to ensure a personal and enjoyable experience at the heart of Nature itself, such as extraordinary animal sightings or fantastic ski tours across unexplored landscapes, while being respectful of the environment.

In these hostile lands full of wonders, Polaris 1 is the only ship that can provide to such a limited number of passengers all the modern conveniences (individual cabins equipped with bathroom and toilets, great food, wine cellar, panoramic lounge, satellite telecommunications…).


Your safety is also guaranteed: Polaris Expéditions is a 100% French company, and Polaris 1 is registered in France as professional ship. Therefore, she is subjected to the most strict safety checks. Her crew is composed of highly skilled professionals: the ship’s captain is a seasoned Merchant Marine First Class Captain with an extensive experience in polar navigation, and he is assisted by a first officer, graduate of the École Nationale de Marine Marchande, and by a chief engineer. Land excursions are always led by one or several mountain guides or specialized guides.

The trips aboard Polaris 1 are destined to those seeking to experience an exceptional polar adventure as close to Nature as possible with the guarantee that it’s always possible to get back to a safe and comfortable place.

Polaris 1 offers two categories of cruises: summer expeditions, a discovery of Spitsbergen’s nature and wildlife (polar bears, walruses, whales…), and winter expeditions, which combines sea and mountains to offer the joy of ski touring in the Scandinavian Alps in the north of Norway, on mountains that overhangs countless fjords where Polaris 1 can lie at anchor.

Polaris 1 can also be chartered in full, crew included, for a more personalized cruise experience in these Polar Regions.