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Spitsbergen is the largest island of the Svalbard archipelago, north of Norway. The name, which means “pointed mountains”, comes from Spitsbergen’s very mountainous landscape that shows all the typical features of a polar environment. The island is rich with dazzling panoramas, gigantic glaciers, steep mountains, plains in flowers and welcoming tundras. It is home for a very diverse arctic wildlife that you will discover with us: polar bears, bearded seals, walruses, reindeers, arctic foxes, whales (beluga whales and Minke whale), many bird species such as the common eider, the arctic Tern, the Atlantic puffin, the black guillemots, the little auk, the snow bunting, the barnacle goose, the Ivory gull, the phalaropes…

The island was also the scene for whale hunting in the 17th Century as well as a place of fur trapping, and has been the starting point for countless North Pole expeditions, the vestiges of which are still visible when we will visit the island.

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Lofoten is a Norwegian archipelago located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. It is the ancestral land of the Vikings and remains one of the most beautiful and wild areas in the world. Its steep alpine ridges directly overlook the crystal-clear and at times turquoise sea. There we find, amidst the beautiful and wild landscapes, some charming fishermen’s villages, stunning beaches of white sand and large prairies in flowers. The Lofoten archipelago enjoys a comparatively warm microclimate courtesy of the Gulf Stream, resulting in rather mild summers and winters. The temperature can reach over 20°C in the summer, and the snow covers the islands in the winter, while the sky is ablaze with northern lights. The archipelago’s wildlife is remarkably preserved and abundant, including inside a unique bird sanctuary of which the sea eagle is the most famous representative.

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The Lyngen Alps

The Lyngen Alps is a remarkable and extraordinary massif of the Scandinavian Alps. The frozen landscape shines under an unsurpassed light that highlights the peaks overlooking the fjords and dropping sharply into the sea, the spotlessly white snow-clad valleys, the glaciers and the icefalls. The Jiekkevarre, the highest summit of the Lyngen Alps, is a fantastic playground for ski lovers looking for a unique ski experience: it is merely at 1,833 meters of altitude but has steep slopes as the Lyngen Alps are dropping sharply into the sea, and the ski tour starts from the coast.

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The Bodø Alps

The Bodø Alps, a beautiful landscape of gentle slopes and large, raw and hemmed in fjords, are facing the Lofoten archipelago. The hikers exploring this rather uncharted country will discover imposing peaks covered with white spotless snow and birch forests, as well as many hidden lakes at various altitudes. The Bodø Alps are graced with splendor and enchantment during the northern lights season. Fishing enthusiasts will also be happy to know that the waters are particularly well-stocked with fish, and that they will be able to use the fishing rods aboard Polaris 1 to catch salmons and cods.

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