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Polaris polaris expéditions Embark at the top!
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The Crew

Arthur Voirin
THE CAPTAIN : Arthur Voirin

Arthur Voirin is a Merchant Marine First Class Captain. He is a seasoned professional sailor with the 1st class captain master’s certificate of the merchant marine, the highest grade of maritime training. He sailed on several merchant ships across the world for many years, and then served as first officer and captain on polar vessels, including the famous yacht Tara (formerly Jean-Louis Etienne’s Antarctica).

He possesses a strong experience in polar navigation, both in the Arctic and in Antarctic. Captain Voirin is also a mountain and ski touring enthusiast.
In the past, he had the opportunity to take part in several expeditions with mountain guides in Norway, in the Antarctic Peninsula and in South Georgia. He is perfectly acquainted with the specific nature, the constraints and the necessities of mountain activities and polar navigation.

The crew also consists of a first officer, a chief engineer, a cadet serving as sailor, a chief cook and a stewardess. The inland team in charge of logistics is based in Paris.