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Polaris 1 is a former auxiliary ship of the British Royal Navy that has been completely converted into an expedition cruise ship in 2007. The vessel structure is in high grade steel and it was designed to sail on any type of sea, making Polaris a reliable and sturdy ship.

Thanks to her sturdiness and comfort, Polaris 1 is the perfect ship for safe sailing in the Polar Regions, apt to serve those seeking an out of the ordinary journey while enjoying a high level of comfort.

The ship is under the French flag and is classified by Lloyd’s Register, which reputation in terms of maritime safety is spotless. The onboard safety is therefore guaranteed to comply with the most stringent safety regulations.

Polaris is an original and very comfortable floating shelter for wildlife observation expeditions as well as for ski touring cruises. The safety, well-being, comfort and relaxation of the guests are the priorities of the ship and her crew.


Technical details

  • Length: 34 m
  • Breadth: 8.5 m
  • Max draught: 3.2 m
  • Displacement: 210 t
  • Speed: 9 knots
  • Max. speed: 11 knots
  • Steel hull: 10-12 mm thick
  • Main engine: Lister Blackstone 8-cylinder turbocharged, 620 HP
  • Electric generators: 2 generators. 220V socket in cabins.
  • Accomodations: up to 12 guests in 12 cabins with all the modern conveniences. Each cabin has portholes and private facilities. 8 cabins have double beds for couples, and 4 cabins single beds. A single cabin can also be joined to a double cabin thanks to removable bulkheads and form a family suite or larger cabins, depending on the needs of the guests. The ship has panoramic dining room and bar-lounge, so that the guest will always enjoy the scenery regardless of the weather.
  • An Internet corner is available if necessary.
  • There is an exterior panoramic deck for a comfortable observation of the wildlife or to enjoy the landscape.
  • Zodiacs: two zodiacs inflatables are used to go on shore, on glaciers’ ice front excursions, …

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